DrRich’s Top Ten of 2011

DrRich | December 30th, 2011 - 9:33 am

After extensive analysis by a committee of hand-picked experts, with much debate and with some dissension, the following have been identified as DrRich’s Top Ten Posts of 2011.

Ten: The Right To Bear Salt

Nine: About Those Doctor-Nurses

Eight: The Four Ways To Reduce Healthcare Spending

Seven: On Killing The Elderly

Six: The Real Utillity of “Never Events”

Five: Who Writes Those Clinical Guidelines, Anyway?

Four: DrRich Explains The Right To Healthcare

Three: It Is Your Duty To Maintain Wellness

Two: Primary Care Is Dead: Part I – The Obituary;  Part II – Moving On

One: Why People Think Obamacare Has Death Panels

Read them and weep.

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