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DrRich | February 2nd, 2012 - 11:42 am

It’s just that I am occupied at the moment finishing up the 5th edition of my introductory textbook of electrophysiology. It is a book which aims to simplify and demystify a particularly arcane branch of the cardiologic arts, and it has proven to be quite popular (among a certain type of readership) for nearly 25 years.

The publisher insists that I update this book every few years, to keep it “fresh.” Because it is a very basic textbook, and because the basics of electrophysiology remain nearly unchanged, my chief aim in doing these revisions is not to screw it up too much.

A secondary aim is to slip past the eagle-eyed editors (who have the reputation of the publishing house to uphold, and who believe textbooks of medicine should be serious tracts) as much humor as possible – which means I have to disguise it. (Regular readers of this blog will know what I mean.) By this means I keep myself engaged and entertained in what otherwise – after all this time – might have become mere tedium.

It is in the interest of my contractual obligation to finish this project in a timely fashion that I have had to leave off – for what I intend will be a very brief interval – composing posts for the Covert Rationing Blog.

I hope that my few readers will indulge me in this hiatus, and in the meantime that you will keep in mind (without my constant reminders) that they really are out to get you.

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