The Importance of Demonizing the Obese

DrRich | September 15th, 2010 - 6:02 am

The obese, like the poor and the uninsured, will always be with us. And like the poor and the uninsured, the obese have served as a useful foil to healthcare reformers. But while their fellow foils are portrayed as sympathetic victims of hard-hearted right-wingers, the obese serve a different purpose. It it their role to illustrate for the rest of us how too much individual latitude invariably leads to bad choices (in this case, sloth, gluttony, greed and self-indulgence) which do grave harm to the collective; and which, for the good of the collective, justify (indeed, require) firmly (but kindly) applied limits on that individual freedom. In these articles, DrRich elaborates on the critical importance of demonizing the obese.

Defending the Demonization of Obesity, Part 1

Defending the Demonization of Obesity, Part 2

Don’t Sweat the Obesity Dividend

How Fat People Reduce Global Warming

Defending the Anti-Obesity Movement, Again

One Response to “The Importance of Demonizing the Obese”

  1. DJ says:

    Instead of demonizing the obese… how about demonizing the REAL cause of the problem: CARBOHYDRATES!

    Of course, we all hear about how fat makes us fat… but that isn’t the case. North Americans have been consuming less and less fat over the past 40 years, yet obesity and diabetes rates have skyrocketed. What type of consumption has also skyrocketed over those same years? That’s right… SUGAR. Yet somehow people conclude that it’s saturated fat that causes obesity.

    You don’t get to demonize people that have gotten fat because of the stupid advice coming out of government agencies. If their advice worked, I might me more apt to agree with you. However, their advice is what got us to this point… so demonize the government for not bothering to do proper research and taking money from huge companies like Monsanto.

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