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DrRich | July 3rd, 2010 - 11:30 am

Fixing American HealthcareWhy should you still read DrRich’s book, Fixing American Healthcare, even though our leaders have just fixed American healthcare for us?

Four reasons.

First, DrRich humbly suggests, you may be insufficiently paranoid about American healthcare, whether it’s the style of healthcare we have now, or the New Style Healthcare that is rapidly coming our way thanks to healthcare reform. DrRich’s book will quickly remedy this deficiency.

DrRich, of course (wise beyond even his not-inconsiderable-years), understands that in certain cases, free-ranging paranoia may not be the healthiest of conditions. So, Fixing American Healthcare not only shows you who’s out to get you, and why, and how they propose to do it, but also shows you what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. For paranoia is not always so bad, so long as it’s constructively actionable.

Second, Fixing American Healthcare introduces you to the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare (GUTH), a simple and elegant model that permits even the novice to understand the essence of any healthcare system you can imagine. The GUTH will come in very handy as our new healthcare system unfolds, rooted as it is in layer upon layer of bureaucratic obfuscation, specifically designed to keep us (the unwashed masses) from understanding what’s really going on. With the GUTH, you will understand our healthcare system even better than the ones who are supposed to be running it.

Third, when is the last time you read a book on healthcare policy that’s actually entertaining?

And fourth, Fixing American Healthcare is now available in Kindle format, and for the low price of only $4.99. So, whether you prefer receiving electronic enlightenment on your Kindle, PC, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, or iPAD, now you can read DrRich’s book in its new, pixellated format.

Save a life or two. Read Fixing American Healthcare.

Get it here.


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  1. David says:

    I can’t get the Kindle version from the link included. I get the paperback version with the “let the publisher know” link on the page.

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