Medical Ethics Smack Down! DrRich vs. the ACP

DrRich | December 9th, 2010 - 7:48 am

In early 2010, The Covert Rationing Blog and the ACP Advocate Blog were named finalists in the 2009 Medical Weblog Award Competition, in the category of Best Health Policy/Ethics Blog. DrRich, who has been a vocal critic of the “New Ethics” espoused by the ACP (and other professional organizations), took the opportunity to challenge the ACP to a public debate on medical ethics.

The ACP initially accepted the challenge, but quickly withdrew from the field. Nonetheless, several entertaining posts resulted. If nothing else, the following posts clearly outline the glaring deficiencies of the medical professions’ “New Ethics.”

Part 1 – DrRich Issues A Challenge To the ACP: Since the Weblog Awards have seen fit to throw us together in a formal “contest” about medical ethics, let’s take this opportunity (for the sake of the voters) to debate the following proposition: The New Ethics promoted by the ACP is harmful to patients, and destroys the ethical underpinning of the medical profession.

Part 2 – DrRich Renews the Challenge: While the ACP cogitated on whether their new Weblog Awards finalist status obligated them,  the mighty ACP, to respond to DrRich (best known as some guy in the blogosphere), DrRich revealed for them the Right Way to think about medical ethics.

Part 3 – The ACP Issues a Formal Response, and DrRich Rebuts: The Chair of the ACP Ethics, Professionalism and Human Rights Committee responds, and informs DrRich that he makes much ado about nothing. DrRich offers a devastating rebuttal that, in the end, proves to be dispositive.

Part 4 – Further Goading By DrRich: Attempting to entice the ACP to respond to his rebuttal, DrRich becomes just a touch less polite, by offering a commentary on the ACP’s astounding exhortation that physicians practice “parsimonious care.”

Part 5 – Advice to Primary Care Physicians Who Labor Under the “New Ethics:” Having demonstrated the fundamental bankruptcy of the New Ethics, and the inability (or unwillingness) of their professional organization to respond to a reasoned challenge, DrRich offers some advice to the very physicians who are expected to work under these untenable ethical precepts.

Part 6 – Taking the Loss Philosophically: While considering himself to have won the Great Medical Ethics Smack Down (by default, if nothing else), DrRich graciously congratulates the ACP for their astounding, stroke-of-midnight victory in the Weblog Awards.

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