May God Save Us From the Public Health Experts

DrRich | August 23rd, 2011 - 7:45 am

The “expert class” – the knowledgeable elites who are appointed by the Central Authority to establish the rules under which all of us in the great unwashed masses are to live our lives – will always (as a general proposition) tend to do great harm. Nowhere is this result more evident than in the policies promulgated in recent decades by the public health experts.

In each of the following three articles, DrRich deconstructs one of the major initiatives with which public health experts have assaulted the general public in recent years.  Each of these three initiatives was launched with great fanfare, displaying all the arrogant certainty exuded by any religious zealot, but sadly, was based on what to any objective observer was clearly insufficient data.  So the recent crusades against dietary fat, cholesterol, and salt each amounted to a great uncontrolled medical experiment, conducted on the entire population, in which each one of us was enrolled as an unsuspecting and involuntary research subject. The results of these massive experiments are just now coming to light.

Public health experts: stop them before they kill again!
Public Health Experts and The War Against Dietary Fat

Public Health Experts and The War Against Cholesterol

Public Health Experts and The War Against Salt

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