First Installment of DrRich’s Book Is Published

DrRich | February 29th, 2012 - 8:35 am

Open Wide And Say Moo! – The Good Citizen’s Guide To Right Thoughts and Right Actions Under Obamacare

OK. The first, irreversible step has been taken. (Nothing after you hit the “send” button is reversible on the Internet.)

I have posted the first installment of my latest (but, I hope, not my last) project, which is to say, composing a new book (of the above title) in real-time, on-line, chapter-by-chapter, until I finish or am hauled off by the fates (or something).

For a full explanation of what this is all about, read this.

So without further ado, here is the first installment: the Introduction.

4 Responses to “First Installment of DrRich’s Book Is Published”

  1. Jupe says:

    As an uninsured person, you lost me with “anything ‘progressive’ = poor quality.
    Uninsured people in this healthare libertopia compared to the rest of the developed world, who even might be able to pay out of pocket for further medical care, are USUALLY given the “say MOO” treatment.

    I was always on my period, for 6-9 months straight, and went to a gyno for help getting pregnant. I was told to just take birth control pills. I pressed further for the cause of my infertility, and was told “it might be hormonal”.

    For every healthcare issue I’ve had since age 19, I’ve gotten a similar “say moo” treatment. Whereas my friends in countries with ACTUAL UHC have suffered no such treatment.

    This disparity in care between the uninsured in the US and everyone else in all of the rest of the developed world MUST be accounted for before I can take your narrative seriously.

    • DrRich says:


      At the moment I am working on Part I of my book, and Part I deals with the pre-Obamacare healthcare system. Its message is that we’ve created an ungodly mess that harms almost everyone, and that even if Obamacare is struck down or repealed, if all we do is get rid of it we’re still screwed. And among the most screwed today are the uninsured, who – through payroll deductions, income tax, etc. – are usually buying healthcare for those who have it.

      I am decidedly not arguing that Obamacare is the primary problem, only that it’s a solution that a) will fail to improve the lot of people who need healthcare, and b) wrecks the Great American Experiment to boot. The GAE being the pinnacle of human achievement, I think this would be bad.


  2. BernieSanders4Prez says:

    Revenue neutral! Revenue neutral! Revenoooo nooootral!

  3. BernieSanders4Prez says:

    Here’s an article I’m sure you’ll appreciate, titled “Unnecessary cancer treatment in men on rise”:

    The first sentence is priceless:

    “A new review of U.S. data on prostate cancer finds that despite established guidelines, a growing number of men who should not be getting aggressive treatment are getting it anyway.”

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