Chapter 10, Rebooted

DrRich | May 21st, 2012 - 5:39 pm

I have rewritten and greatly shortened the introductory sections of Chapter 10, and have just reposted the edited version. I did this in response to several comments I received, criticizing the length and lack of focus of the early parts of this chapter. I thank these readers for their comments, which I found most helpful.

I will point out, as I made plain in an introductory post which explained this current project, that what you are reading is a first draft. It is being put up in real time, just as rapidly as I can produce chapters. It needs a lot of work before it is deemed finished.

Especially since the Supreme Court in a very few weeks might rule in such a way that makes this whole project (on its surface, at least) entirely moot, I fully expect I will have to make major structural revisions to this effort, well before an editor ever sees it.

But in Chapter 10 I apparently overstepped even those broad bounds. I must remind my readers that I am an Old Fart, and that crime probably became manifest in the original version of this chapter. I vaguely recall that when I was a whippersnapper (like many of you are, I suspect), I would also have paroxysms of eye rolling whenever some old guy would launch into what he considered pithy anecdotes, but what, to me, were endless, pointless, boring, repetitive dronings.

I am saddened that it has come to this. Just wait until it happens to you.

You can find the latest version of Chapter 10 here.

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