Open Wide And Say Moo!

Open Wide And Say Moo! – The Good Citizen’s Guide To Right Thoughts and Right Actions Under Obamacare

This is the latest version of my ongoing, on-line project, which is to say, composing a new book (of the above title) on-line, in real time. Chapters will be added just as quickly as I can produce them, and revisions to past chapters will be made continuously.

Here is a clearer explanation of what this project is all about, and why I have embarked upon it.

Comments regarding this ongoing work are fervently sought, and deeply appreciated.  I will incorporate them in my continuous quality improvement procedures for this effort. Please leave your comments here.

Update – September 1, 2012

Open Wide and Say Moo! is now revised and published!


You can find it on Kindle here.


Now available in the audiobook version!





My Rationale For Writing This Book



Part I – Progressive Healthcare, and Why We Have Chosen It

Chapter 1 – Run For The Hills, As We Are All Doomed!

Chapter 2 – The Demise of the Health Insurance Industry

Chapter 3 – The Cowing of the Medical Profession

Chapter 4 – The Four Ways To Control Healthcare Spending

Chapter 5 – A Practical Theory Of The Progressive Program

Part II – What We Can Expect From Obamacare

Chapter 6 – Some Implications Of A Right To Healthcare

Chapter 7 – Limiting Individual Prerogatives in a Progressive Healthcare System

Chapter 8 – The Real Infrastructure of Obamacare

Chapter 9 – An Introduction To Herd Medicine

Chapter 10 – A Tyranny of Experts

Chapter 11 – Preventing Preventive Medicine

Chapter 12 – Your Duty to Maintain Wellness – or – The Importance of Demonizing the Obese

Chapter 13 – Age-Based Medicine and End-of-Life Healthcare

Chapter 14 – Stifling Medical Progress

Part III – What We Can Do About It

Chapter 15 – The Critical Importance of Individual Autonomy

Chapter 16 – Individualized Medicine – Our Last, Best Hope

Chapter 17 – What We Need To Do