Get Perednia’s New Book For Free On Kindle, Through Feb. 12

DrRich | February 10th, 2011 - 9:31 am

You can get a free Kindle edition of Douglas Perednia’s excellent new book, Overhauling America’s Healthcare Machine from now through February 12, at this link. This is an offer you should not pass up.

Perednia writes the very fine Road to Hellth blog, and is a well-known author, researcher, medical practitioner, and entrepreneur.  His new book is a post-Obamacare view on what we really ought to do to reform our healthcare system in a way that will actually work, and will actually reduce costs.

DrRich will be posting full a review of Overhauling America’s Healthcare Machine here next week, but he can assure you right now that it would be well worth your time to read it. (And if you’re going to read it, why not get it while it’s free?) It is comprehensive, extremely readable, and convincing.

Again, through February 12, get the free Kindle edition here.

2 Responses to “Get Perednia’s New Book For Free On Kindle, Through Feb. 12”

  1. Michael A. Smith, M.D. says:

    Dr. Rich, you know we love you, but this would have to be a book than spans more subjects than medicine, to honestly offer us a cure for what ails this country. Amurrica Dystopia has a screwed up health care delivery system as a symptom, not etiology.

    But I’m a foolish optimist and thank you for the heads up for the Kindle edition and await the review.


    • DrRich says:


      I don’t think we could fix the healthcare system the way Doug suggests without simultaneously addressing our dystopia. In fact, fixing it Doug’s way would be a mechanism for fixing the dystopia (much as fixing it Omaba’s way is a mechanism to achieve the Progressive “utopia”). Healthcare, I think, is the ultimate battlefield either way.


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