The Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare

DrRich | February 1st, 2013 - 9:47 am

In the spirit of the times – times which behoove thoughtful and observant people to simplify, consolidate, get back to the basics, and decide what’s really important and thus worth fighting for – I am de-complexifying my on-line activities.  To further this objective, I will be shutting down a website which has been a companion of this one, a site about the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare.  In doing so, I will be moving a few key articles from that site over to the Covert Rationing Blog.

The first and most important of these articles is this one, which lays out the Grand Unification Theory itself.  The GUTH remains the foundation of almost all my thinking and writing on the American healthcare system.  It is fully laid out, of course, in my book Fixing American Healthcare – Wonkonians, Gekkonians and the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare.

5 Responses to “The Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare”

  1. dean says:

    Glad I found your website..spent the hours before Super Bowl
    reading through the chapters on your book draft and was able to get the big picture as well as pertinent details thanks to your clear,logical, fact-based presentations..also appreciate
    your calm, reasoned responses to questions which are little more than rants.. finally, I kept thinking that it will be interesting to watch the fireworks between rationing panels with their age limits,decreased screenings, and overall wish that the elderly would ” just die already” and the generation that expects not only the best that money can buy but also that they will never die.

  2. Ruby says:

    I read your book “Open Wide and say Moo”. I must just say THANK YOU!!!

  3. Hello

    Thought provoking topic, that we have to face. Sure we make good dough, and pass it on to the next gen, but the healthcare system state has to be fixed.

    Hopefully, digitalization can help streamline administration, and get costs down, but that remains to be seen.

    One of best cardiology, and health blogs I have seen. Will put it in the Best Cardiology Blogs of my website.

    Got to read your book, because, like some physicians, need to understand it better.

  4. CodeMonkey says:

    Gee, the herd finally got it…..

    Day late and dollar short….

  5. Chris FOM says:

    It’s been a year DrRich, will we ever hear from you again? I miss your insights, especially after the disastrous rollout last Fall.

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