Richard N. Fogoros, M.D. (DrRich) is a former professor of medicine and a longtime practitioner, researcher and author in the fields of cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology. He currently makes his living as a consultant in research and development with biomedical companies, and as a writer.

In addition to all the fine prose you’ll find here on the Covert Rationing Blog, you can revel in even more of DrRich’s stuff at theHeart Health Center at About.com. For his work at About.com, in 2012 DrRich was named to the SharecareNow as #4 on the Top 10 List of On-line Influencers on Heart Disease.

His award-winning book, Fixing American Healthcare – Wonkonians, Gekkonians and the Grand Unification Theory of Healthcare (Publish or Perish DBS, Pittsburgh, 2007), is quite entertaining (for a policy book), has won lots of accolades – and would still be worth reading if President Obama hadn’t come along and solved all our healthcare difficulties with a flick of his pen. His latest book, Open Wide and Say Moo! The Good Citizen’s Guide to Right Thoughts and Right Actions Under Obamacare (Publish or Perish DBS, Pittsburgh, 2012) is must reading whether you think you like Obamacare or not.

You can reach DrRich by e-mail here:  drrich at covertrationingblog.com