DrRich Is A Top Online Influencer On Heart Disease

DrRich | February 25th, 2012 - 8:32 am

Readers who believe that DrRich is primarily a clown, an obfuscator, a confabulator, an out-of-touch Old Fart, or just your run-of-the-mill, close-minded, middle-American, gun-toting Bible-thumper (see? DrRich DOES read all his email), might be surprised (if not dismayed) to learn that, this week, he has received an Incredible Honor.

According to ShareCareNow, a relatively new enterprise created by former WebMD Founder Jeff Arnold and Dr. Mehmet Oz, DrRich is one of the Top 10 Most Influential Online Voices In Heart Disease.

See for yourself, right here. And here’s a blurb about it from MarketWatch.

Of course, this designation has nothing to do with DrRich’s stellar work here at the Covert Rationing Blog. It is based entirely on his efforts at the Heart Health Center at About.com, which DrRich has run now for going on 12 years. His About.com site is dedicated to helping people who have heart disease, or who have loved ones with heart disease, or who are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. He attempts to explain the basics – and even the complexities, whenever they are pertinent – of all types of heart and vascular conditions, and to clarify for his readers the continuous stream of hype and misinformation perpetrated by a largely ignorant press and the medical experts who (sometimes unconsciously) manipulate it. (In fact, he has tried more than once to change the name of his heart disease site to “Secret Cardiology,” but the people who run About.com – i.e., the nice folks at the New York Times – are against it.)

As DrRich understands it, his designation as the fourth most influential online voice on heart disease is based on a proprietary ShareCareNow algorithm incorporating some 40 objective measures. The only thing he knows for sure is that the opinions of those readers mentioned in the first paragraph of this post were obviously not incorporated into the algorithm. Which proves that not all the big on-line organizations have ready access to all our email, after all.

How comforting is that?

7 Responses to “DrRich Is A Top Online Influencer On Heart Disease”

  1. Congratulations, Rich! Now God help us all, as the authorities realize how dangerous you’ve become and begin closely monitoring your readers…

    • DrRich says:


      Thanks. I am about the embark on a new project that, I fear, will attract the authorities’ interest even more. More on this in a day or so.


  2. Pavlov says:

    With Deepak Chopra being ninth, I’m not sure it really is an honour in being even mentionned on that list, let alone at the fourth place !

  3. i’m a veteran ER PA … but back in 2004 i was contemplating a career change and actually interviewed with an arizona-based cardiologist. to educate myself, i bought a couple of books, one on electrophysiology and the other on anti-arrhythmic medications. both were authored by DrRich. so i am pleased, but not even slightly surprised to learn of this honor.
    that said, it’s pretty funny that deepak chopra made the list too.

  4. GingerR says:

    Auntie in California has been having some heart issues and we were googling to see if she’s been treated properly. The heart page at About.com came up and I was happy to see that you agreed ed with her treatment.

    I thought the site was clearly written and was impressed at how much information it conveyed.

  5. Jupe says:


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